Looking for Unique and Cheery Holiday Gifts in Bulk? Look No Further!

Holidays are a busy time of year and it seems that our list of people to buy for grows every year! There’s work colleagues, teachers, coaches, mailmen, friends, family and the list goes on and on.

Don’t waste your time standing in line at the mall then spending all night wrapping gifts. This year, spend more time with those you love- and give them these super popular and darling little succulents in festive holiday planters, already gift wrapped!

Order by November 20th so you can start gifting by December 1st!

Holiday Succulent Bulk Order

Love these succulents, but can’t buy in bulk?

No worries- we’ll be bringing them with us to the Hudson Valley Hullabaloo next weekend! But be sure to arrive early because quantities are limited and we will be sure to sell out!


We will be at the Hullabaloo- Will You??


We’re so excited to be participating in this year’s Hudson Valley Hullabaloo and we can’t wait to see you there!

Hate the holiday shopping crowds at the mall this time of year? Can’t imagine standing in line for hours to check one or two items off your holiday shopping list?

Come join us at the Hullabaloo! Spend the day enjoying a party atmosphere and get all your shopping done early from some great local vendors who will be bringing some amazingly unique and one-of-a-kind gifts you won’t find in the mall.

The photos below are just some of the items we will be bringing to the party! Visit our booth at the fair to see our full selection of holiday wreaths, succulent plants in festive holders, ornaments, professional floral tools and even more!

Come early!

We have limited quantities of some of these crafts, but will have order forms for anything we run out of that can be picked up at a later time. We will also be accepting credit and debit cards!



Trends on Thursday: Scentsational Smudge Sticks

smudge sticks


As most of you already know wedding rituals are steeped in all kinds of folklore and tradition, dating back hundreds of years.  Many of our clients still ask for sentimental elements such as Myrtle, Ivy, and Lily of the Valley to this day.  Bridal bouquets were once filled with so-called magical herbs to ward off evil spirits, and bridesmaids often carried similar herbs, some of them even poisonous, to protect the bride from being kidnapped!  We love wedding folklore here, so we are just delighted with this new trend- Smudge Sticks are being used in modern day weddings! Smudge Sticks have always been commonly used as way to ‘cleanse’ sacred spaces. These gorgeous little bundles of “sticks” are made out of a variety of different herbs and flowers that all have their own meaning when burned.

Sage: The smoke from burning sage is traditionally used as a blessing, it is believed that it cleanses and heals those who are being smudged. It is also believed to “wash off” the outside world when someone enters a ceremony

Cedar: This is traditionally believed to be the medicine of protection. The cedar tree spirits are considered to be very old, wise, and powerful. With that being said cedar is most commonly used to smudge new homes and apartments in order to invite any unwanted spirits to leave and would protect the person, place, or object from any unwanted influences.

Sweet Grass: Sweet Grass is also known as Seneca grass, vanilla grass, and holy grass. The sweet-vanilla like scent from sweet grass is considered to be the breath of the Earth Mother and is believed to be the blessing from Mother Earth’s  love. The burning of sweet grass is as a reminder of essence of the feminine and that the earth provides us with everything that we need.

Lavender: Traditionally the scent of lavender is a safeguard against evil. It is believed that lavender’s scent is calming, attracts love and relationships as well as protects them.

Whether you are looking into smudge sticks for holistic or medicinal purposes, spiritual reasons, or just like the look of them, there are tons of places you can find more information online.  We found a lot of our information here while researching herbs used in smudge sticks for one of our clients.

Even if you aren’t carrying a smudge stick down the aisle it couldn’t hurt to tuck a few of them here and there in your decor, especially if you are dealing with a challenging Mother-in-Law to be, or a temperamental bridesmaid. 😉  Happy planning everyone!



Tips on Tuesdays: Hiring An Experienced Florist: Why Now Is The Time

As some of you may recall, I wrote a really cranky post last spring after getting one too many phone calls from couples in distress.  Many of these couples had either hired an inexperienced designer who could not deliver all they had promised, had on-line disaster stories, or were left hanging the week of their wedding with no chuppah! I’m hoping that by posting this blog much earlier in the planning season that I can eliminate some of your stress while you are still planning.

I don’t think there has ever been a season where it is more important to hire a professional, experienced floral designer.  The cascade bouquet is back, in a very big way and there is no way you want to consider DIY or working with a hobbyist for this type of design.  Even seasoned designers get nervous creating these.  Many of these styles are completely hand-wired, others are created on floral foam forms, and some even have hidden armature inside them.  Your florist really needs to have the expertise to know how to properly condition stems and what flowers do best in each application.  One bad call and you could have a wilting bouquet.  DO NOT TRY THESE AT HOME!

As if the cascading, wild bouquets aren’t pretty enough, many couples are opting to order halos or head wreaths for the bride, bridesmaids and flower girls.  Although I have seen quite a few tutorials on Pinterest, these are still much more difficult to make than first meets the eye.  I strongly advise against attempting to make these on your own.  If you simply must have flowers in your hair, but don’t have the budget for a halo that rivals the cost of a bridal bouquet, consider having your florist wire a few open Roses or Orchids for you to place in your hair.

Another trend that is still going strong is the garden style arrangement.  These should also be left to the professionals, coolers are a necessity, especially when working with Peonies, Dahlias or Garden Roses!

Does this mean you should skip DIY altogether?  Certainly not.  If you are dreaming of wildflowers in Mason Jars, or elegant vases filled with Roses and Eucalyptus you would be silly not to consider DIY, if you are on a limited budget.  However if you are loving a bouquet stuffed with Ranuculus, Succulents and Dahlias, woven with vines, you should absolutely hire a pro!

Not sure what option is best for you?  Feel free to give me and my staff a call, we are happy to help!

Happy Planning!


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Todd & Tim’s Spring Mountain Top Nuptials

We couldn’t be happier that we were able to be a part of Todd and Tim’s beautiful Onteora Mountain House nuptials; it was a gorgeous day (and night) on the mountain with such a happy and loving couple!

Todd and Tim were the first couple we have ever worked with who actually knew that Onteora Mountain House was once the summer home of the Hellman family- as in Hellman’s Mayonnaise.  Todd and Tim wanted to incorporate elements of Onteora’s history with their own personal touches to create some beautifully unique wedding decor.  We had a lot of fun designing their escort card table with antique galvanized pieces from our rental collection, but we came up short when it came to sourcing any vintage Hellman’s jars.  Being the creative folks that we are, with a little bit of ingenuity, we created our own vintage knock offs!

And as for the flowers, oh The Flowers!!!  They had me at Lily of the Valley!  And that was just the beginning.  I swear flowers know when they are going to be a part of a big celebration of love, because the Lilacs were at their peak for this delightful couple’s wedding!  Todd and I must have chatted for at least an hour about our love of the same flower types.  In the end, he and Tim selected Lilacs, Clematis, Delphinium, Lisianthus and a host of other gorgeous spring blooms.  Every table arrangement that we made had a look of it’s own.  Each one was unique.  It was truly a pleasure working with this couple and designing with so many of my favorite flowers!

Congratulations Todd and Tim and we all wish you a lifetime of happiness!


Photo courtesy of Cynthia Delconte Photography


Photo courtesy of Cynthia Delconte Photo


Photo courtesy of Cynthia Delconte Photography





Photo courtesy of Cynthia Delconte Photography


Photo Courtesy of Cynthia Delconte Photography


Photo courtesy of Cynthia Delconte Photography

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Delconte Photography

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Delconte Photography



Photo courtesy of Cynthia Delconte Photography




Photo courtesy of Cynthia Delconte Photography


Photo courtesy of Cynthia Delconte Photography


Photo courtesy of Cynthia Delconte Photography


Thank you to all the vendors we had the pleasure of working with at this event!

Onteora Mountain House

Cynthia Delconte Photography


Trends on Thursdays: Metallics

Trends on Thursday_ Metallics

Some trends never go out of style.

Metallics in wedding decor is one of those trends.

The Knot reported in their top 2014 wedding statistic roundup that 26% of brides chose a metallic hue for their wedding color.

Gold, silver and rose gold will likely always be popular and for good reason.

Metallic accents are season-less. They fit in with almost any decor and compliment a range of color pallets regardless of when your big day is. Substitute a metallic color for a neutral to glam up your decor and add a touch of sparkle and elegance for any season.

Winter Metallic Inspiration

Fall Metallic Inspiration

Summer Metallic Wedding Inspiration

Spring Metallic Wedding Inspiration