Megan and James’ June Lakeside Nuptials- Interlaken Inn

Ohhh this weddingggg!  Where do I even begin?  I loved this couple.  Megan’s Father was actually a funeral director at one time, so this man knew his flowers, and only wanted the very best for his Daughter.  The pressure was on, but I grew to really love this bunch!  Every vendor who worked on this wedding did.

What a lovely couple Megan and James make!  They are both so sentimental and so in love.  Megan was the first bride who ever asked for a picture with me so she has a special place in my heart; right alongside her gorgeous Peony centerpieces.

What a beautiful time of year June is for flowers!  We used Peonies, Roses and Delphinium for the majority of these designs.  I especially liked the candlelit centerpieces which adorned half of the tables.  We submerged Delphinium in cylinder vases, anchored with river rock.  It was a very pretty effect, and paired beautifully with the garden style centerpieces.

I was so honored when Megan’s mother called me a month or so after the wedding to order a silk replica of her bouquet and James’ boutonniere.  One of these days I hope to write a blog comparing the two bouquets and boutonnieres, it is always a challenge going from fresh to silks but I thought the effort was well worth it.

Well enough talking, feast your eyes on these images from Ever After Visuals!  They did such an amazing job, the first photo is my favorite!  I’m going to post mostly photos of the florals, but you really should check out the full album here: Ever After Visuals

MEGJAM_W_2007_Jm2m1Megan and James pic collage (1)megan and james2m&j2

Here is a little peek at the photos we snapped during set up:
Peony Centerpiece at Interlaken Innpeony delphinium centerpiecemenu and centerpieceextreme close up peony delphinium queen anne's laceWhat a great group of vendors we had a chance to work with on this event, among them were:

Photography- Ever After Visuals

Makeup- LaV Beauty

Coordinator- Jeanne Stark, Hudson Valley Ceremonies

Entertainment- DJ Jimmy Lutz, Lutz Entertainment


That’s Fabulous Friday- Spring Weddings, Flowering Branch Event and Feathering Sparrow’s Nest!

Happy almost spring, flower lovers!!!  Next week marks the first two events of our 2014 spring wedding season!  We will be keeping busy with all of the prep for these beautiful events; and by popular demand, we will also be opening the Flower Market once again!  And just in time for our FLOWERING BRANCH EVENT!!!  Forsythia, Pussy Willow and Cherry Blossom will all be making an appearance for the next several weeks!

Cherry Blossoms in Mason Jar

At the last meeting with the Unique Ladies of the Hudson Valley I was so impressed with Krista Jones, founder of Sparrow’s Nest! After loosing a number of her very dear friends to cancer, she saw first hand how difficult this battle is for mothers who are often, “too sick to cook, to sick to think of what to make for dinner, to sick to shop for it, and often too financially destitute to buy it.”  Which is essentially how Sparrow’s Nest began, Krista began cooking for her friends in need.  These days Krista and her team of amazing volunteers now cook and deliver 2 meals  a week to families, so Moms can “fight the fight”.  However, this wonderful charity could really use a new, health department approved kitchen to be able to continue their work here in the Hudson Valley.  So we are doing what we can over here in flowerland to help out.

Blog logo collage

We will be donating 5% of all wedding deposits to Sparrow’s Nest up until May 31, 2014.  In addition, since you all seem to love our $5 Minis at the Flower Market so much, we are selling them with feather accents all spring, and will be donating $. 50 for each one sold to Sparrow’s Nest as well.  These little beauties make lovely little accents for Easter Dinners, Graduation Parties, Communions, Confirmations, and any other spring events that you can think of!  As always, please give us at least two day’s notice for larger orders of Minis.

feathered mini with sparrow bird

Mini with Hydrangea, Ranucula, Hyacinth, and Feather accent

For those of you who don’t already know, all of our Minis are placed in either recycled baby food jars, recycled votive candle glass, and any other tiny little glass jars we can find.  So when you purchase one you are keeping this glassware out of landfills, helping a great charity, and adding more beauty to your life and the world!  What’s not to love?

We hope to see you next week, and look forward to sharing what we are up to as the weddings unfold!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!



Trends on Thursday- Lovin’ on Lanterns!

Lovin' on LanternsInspiration board by our wonderful Nadine :-)

Oh my goodness, Hudson Valley couples are just crazy for lanterns these days!  Maybe it is their romantic candlelit glow; or perhaps it is their ability to fill up a lot of real estate on reception tables, without the higher price tag attached to fresh floral designs.  Whatever the reason, here is what you need to know:

To get the most impact, consider pairing different height lanterns together; such as small, medium and large sizes.  Although they are lovely on their own, they can look even better when dressed up with luxurious ribbons, and fresh floral accents.  In the past we have had a lot of luck with just adding a few blown open Roses and ribbons to the tops of lanterns.  Our favorite way to dress them up is to place each lantern into the center of a wreath.

For those of you with very limited budgets, keep in mind that lanterns can easily transition from ceremony to reception. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, hang your lanterns from shepherd’s hooks.  If you are having an indoor ceremony use them to line your aisle by tying them to your chairs, or  placing them next to each chair.  Once the ceremony is over, move the lanterns to the reception tables.

To save the very most on your wedding budget consider renting lanterns from your florist or event designer.  The other alternative is to head over to Ikea and scoop them up; however you will need to store them in the months leading up to your wedding.  You will also want to purchase more than you think you will need! In the event that you actually need 14 and you have only purchased 12, you may have to scramble if they have discontinued your style.  I would STRONGLY advise skipping Home Goods and the Christmas Tree Store for  these items.  Rarely will they have the amount you need.  And should you need just one more, you will really be stuck sourcing them, since many times the accessories in these stores are discontinued already.

Here are two of A Night in Bloom’s most sought after rental  lanterns.  The first one is a rustic garden style one, which coordinates with many of our other pieces.


The second one is a style which is designed to be placed in outdoor gardens but this style contains LED candles in them and therefore may be used at venues which don’t allow candles.  They also make excellent accessories to outdoor pathways, should you have an evening wedding.  They are great for outdoor, tented soirees!

Kurtz_04Photo courtesy of Candeo Photo:

Hopefully this gives you enough of an overview on this trend to get started.  Happy planning everyone!




Tips on Tuesday: Potted Plants as Ceremony Decor and More!


This is a post I have been meaning to write for some time now.  You can save a small fortune on your wedding florals by incororating potted plants into your overall decor!  I would love to think that every client that walks through our doors will have a huge budget to delegate to items such as alter arrangements and entryways, but this is simply not the case.

Why not try checking out your local garden center for summer and fall weddings and invest in the largest size potted Petunias or Mums they have?  Then have your florist add tall ornamental grasses, branches or twigs to them for added height and drama.  Just be sure you decide who is in charge of transporting these bad boys!  They will take up a ton of room in most cars and they will not share space with other items such as vases, chalkboards, or any other DIY accessories you may be transporting.

Another great option (though quite a bit more expensive), is to use items such as Lemon Trees.  They may be a little pricey but you can have them in your homes after the wedding, or give them as super thoughtful gifts.  I have even had couple purchase trees with the root balls on them, which they planted afterward.

One of my favorite couples of 2012 asked us to provide lots of potted lavender for their wedding day, which they later used to landscape their property!

Smaller potted plants such as African Violets, Kalanchoe, Succulents, and fresh Herbs are all favorites for centerpiece and favor options.  We have become friends with quite a few local garden centers through the years, and would be delighted to help you source just the right plants or trees for your special day.  This is certainly a trend worth considering.  Happy Planning!



Trends on Thursday: Pantone’s Color of the Year- Radiant Orchid

After several seasons where we have had non-stop requests for “vintage tones,” we are suddenly seeing a dramatic shift to more cool purple and blue shades, and rich jewel tones.  We can only guess that this is in large part due to Pantone announcing that the color of 2014 is officially “Radiant Orchid”.  We are still seeing hints of 2013′s Emerald, mainly being paired with this years cool pallet; and we are also still getting a few requests for peaches, which are still remnants of 2012′s “Tangerine Tango”.

Many of you may be wondering how to incorporate these looks into your vintage and rustic themed weddings, and believe it or not, this should be easy.  Many of these colors would look amazing paired with recycled Saratoga bottles which are cobalt blue, or recycled wine bottles in shades of green.  If you are hoping for Mason Jars, opt for the vintage blue varieties.  Mercury glass would still look amazing in silver or gold tones, and if you are hoping to collect vintage containers, I would suggest sourcing gold rimmed glasses and plates.  Not feeling up to combing through dusty antique stores in your spare time?  We have many of these types of items for rent in our collections already, for at least 50% off what you would pay for them in the antique store or on Etsy.

Our top picks for focal point flowers in these tones are: Phalaenopsis Orchids, Cymbidium Orchids, Peonies, and Dahlias.

Focal Point Flowers(1)For wildflower types of looks try: Statice, Double Stock, Nigella, and Delphinium; just to name a few.


Bring It All Together(1)

Happy planning everyone!



Caitlin and Brian’s Sensational Sunset Toned Wedding- Chiddingstone

Every florist dreams of one day getting that client who allows us to have some flexibility!  Meet Caitlin, she was that bride last season.  This dream of a bride to work with, is in my hall of fame for one of my most favorite brides- ever.  We had worked with her good friend Whitney the summer before, so she was already familiar with our business.   Caitlin even called me to be sure I was still available before she had to change the date of her wedding!!!  Talk about a compliment, I’m still getting over that :-)

Take a look at Caitlin’s friend, Whitney’s wedding at the Mills Estate.  

What Caitlin did tell me was that she was a real fan of Cafe Au Lait Dahlias, but other than that she let me pick out her centerpiece containers, and coordinating ceremony flower holders.  She also went along with my other ideas such as using a flower girl wand instead of a petal basket, adding galvanized tubs filled with flowers and a host of other designs, including her fresh picked boutonnieres and luxurious corsages.  Caitlin’s memory table was just gorgeous!  We used all types of lichen covered branches, paper birch branches, and driftwood (Caitlin loved the idea of using driftwood!).  Once we had all of the rustic branch elements in place, we added completely blown open Roses, petals, mosses, and succulents to soften the look.  Some of these roses were displayed in apothocary jars, adding even more detail to an already lovely tablescape.

In keeping with her relaxed, “do you thing, Heather” type of attitude, I was able to coax some of our beloved David Austin Roses into blooming just in time to make an appearance at the wedding!  They were immediately tucked into her ceremony decor, and hung from the chairs.  My hope was that she would be able to smell them as she walked down the aisle.  I can still smell them when I look at these photos :-)

Congratulations Caitlin and Brian we wish you all the very best!




Caitlin pics (2)

Caitlin pics


 Here are some of our photos from Catilin and Brian’s wedding:





Additional vendors:

Photographer: Ben of Weddings by Two

Caterer: Mazzone Catering

Venue: Private Clermont Estate on the Hudson River in Germantown, NY