Trends on Thursdays: Metallics

Trends on Thursday_ Metallics

Some trends never go out of style.

Metallics in wedding decor is one of those trends.

The Knot reported in their top 2014 wedding statistic roundup that 26% of brides chose a metallic hue for their wedding color.

Gold, silver and rose gold will likely always be popular and for good reason.

Metallic accents are season-less. They fit in with almost any decor and compliment a range of color pallets regardless of when your big day is. Substitute a metallic color for a neutral to glam up your decor and add a touch of sparkle and elegance for any season.

Winter Metallic Inspiration

Fall Metallic Inspiration

Summer Metallic Wedding Inspiration

Spring Metallic Wedding Inspiration




Tips On Tuesday: Black Center Anemones

Black Center Anemones

This season we have been contacted by multiple brides (and grooms) asking about the Black Center Anemone flower.

Here’s all the dirt on this gorgeous flower…

Anemones are most widely available in the cooler months of the year, October through early March. If your florist is able to acquire anemones in their ‘off season’ many times they will show up to wholesalers with blemishes that could make them look less than ideal for your special day. These tricky little flowers also have a tendency to wilt faster in hot weather than some other, hardier alternatives.

Luckily for all you brides (and grooms) out there, some brilliant people in the floral industry that have come up with some substitutes for the Black Center Anemone that can almost pass for the real thing!

Black Center Anemones Substitutions

The white Ranuculus is a beautiful alternative for the black center anemone, only missing the black center. The Lisianthus is another flower that can easily be used in place of the Anemone. The center of the Lisianthus can even be filled with a burgundy Scabiosa flower to give the Lisianthus the look of the Black Center Anemone.

Whether or not the Black Center Anemones are available for your big day, rest assured there are plenty of alternatives! These substitutes can look almost identical to the Black Center Anemone, so fear not ladies and gentlemen there are plenty of options for you and the flowers for your big day!

For more information on the black centered anemones check out these two links:

Are White Anemones Your “Fr-Anemones”?


The Naughty Anemone


Tips on Tuesday: Mason Jar Mystery Solved!

As more and more couples decide to DIY their wedding florals, we can’t even count how many times we have been asked “How many flowers is the right amount in a mason jar?”

This week’s Tips on Tuesday solves the mystery of how many flowers will fill a mason jar.

  Scroll down and check out the blurb posted below explaining the correct stem count for different sized mason jars.

Untitled drawing


Happy planning!



Trends on Thursdays: Moss Graffiti!


Commonly associated with crime and vandalism, graffiti always seems to get a bad rap. Recently though, contemporary artists have made a new discovery of moss graffiti. Combining the new move towards being eco-friendly with street art, moss graffiti replaces toxic materials like spray paints and aerosols to create a living work of art.

The possibilities are endless, from giant murals to small inspirational messages.  If you’re feeling adventurous, here’s a recipe courtesy of Apartment Therapy for all of you with do-it-yourself spirits:

diy moss graffiti

Be sure to share your creations with us on Twitter @anightinbloom. We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Happy graffiti-ing!



Trends on Thursdays: Gorgeous Garlands!

Gorgeous GarlandsThis past weekend, we set up a beautiful wedding at Basilica Hudson featuring a new trend gracing the wedding world: floral garlands! Garlands are a unique way to dress up your tablescape as opposed to the traditional floral centerpiece. They work best on farm tables or long and oval-shaped tables, as you can tell in the photo above.

garland photo for blog

Garlands range in price depending on what you are looking for, but no matter your budget, there is a style to suit your needs. You can even add to your tablescape with candle votives, jars of flowers, and even fresh fruit. We have a variety of options to add to your table decor; check them out here.

Garlands are a gorgeous addition to your rustic wedding, and the possibilities are endless! If  you would like to add this new trend to your special day, we are here to make your dreams a reality.



Tips on Tuesday- How to Avoid Pinterest Fails!

New Blog Post Pinterest Fails


Jimmy Fallon wasn’t the only one laughing at wedding fails last week.  We’ve certainly seen and heard our share of Pinterest wedding flower fails.  Here is a list of the Pinterest fails we’ve seen over and over again that you would want to avoid at all costs!


This is by far the most alarming Pinterest fail we have heard of.  There’s absolutely no logic behind this crazy idea.  When working with fresh cut flowers, always put them in fresh water.  Never ever EVER put them in a mixture of potting soil and water.   Fresh cut flowers need to be able to drink from their stems, and when you add potting soil, it will clog up the cells in the stem.  This will surely cause your flowers to wilt.  We have no idea how this trend began, but many couples are coming to us this season with this notion about putting soil in their vases.  Please do not attempt to do this!


Clearly there is no such thing as the Pinterest police, if there were such people, we would not see suggestions about keeping costs down by using “in season” Peonies in winter.


Hydrangeas should never ever be considered for DIY projects.  These flowers absolutely must cut with a sharp florist knife and properly hydrated.  We’ve seen the most fails with these flowers. Unfortunately, many DIYers continue to cut them with garden sheers and scissors, causing them to wilt.


Please consult with a professional florist about how many stems will fit in your vases, bouquets, and pomander balls. Once again we wish there was some agency to police to advice on Pinterest. Many many times we see incorrect recipes for these designs.


This is our runner up for most outrageous fail.  Just imagine hugging the groom to congratulate him when suddenly you realize you’ve turned his boutonniere into jelly!  This is a terrible idea, and one we see constantly being pinned and published.

In conclusion, please consult an experienced and professional florist for your DIY floral projects. And be sure to stay tuned to our Tips on Tuesdays for even more help and ideas!

Happy Planning!