That’s Fabulous Friday- Spring Weddings, Flowering Branch Event and Feathering Sparrow’s Nest!

Happy almost spring, flower lovers!!!  Next week marks the first two events of our 2014 spring wedding season!  We will be keeping busy with all of the prep for these beautiful events; and by popular demand, we will also be opening the Flower Market once again!  And just in time for our FLOWERING BRANCH EVENT!!!  Forsythia, Pussy Willow and Cherry Blossom will all be making an appearance for the next several weeks!

Cherry Blossoms in Mason Jar

At the last meeting with the Unique Ladies of the Hudson Valley I was so impressed with Krista Jones, founder of Sparrow’s Nest! After loosing a number of her very dear friends to cancer, she saw first hand how difficult this battle is for mothers who are often, “too sick to cook, to sick to think of what to make for dinner, to sick to shop for it, and often too financially destitute to buy it.”  Which is essentially how Sparrow’s Nest began, Krista began cooking for her friends in need.  These days Krista and her team of amazing volunteers now cook and deliver 2 meals  a week to families, so Moms can “fight the fight”.  However, this wonderful charity could really use a new, health department approved kitchen to be able to continue their work here in the Hudson Valley.  So we are doing what we can over here in flowerland to help out.

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We will be donating 5% of all wedding deposits to Sparrow’s Nest up until May 31, 2014.  In addition, since you all seem to love our $5 Minis at the Flower Market so much, we are selling them with feather accents all spring, and will be donating $. 50 for each one sold to Sparrow’s Nest as well.  These little beauties make lovely little accents for Easter Dinners, Graduation Parties, Communions, Confirmations, and any other spring events that you can think of!  As always, please give us at least two day’s notice for larger orders of Minis.

feathered mini with sparrow bird

Mini with Hydrangea, Ranucula, Hyacinth, and Feather accent

For those of you who don’t already know, all of our Minis are placed in either recycled baby food jars, recycled votive candle glass, and any other tiny little glass jars we can find.  So when you purchase one you are keeping this glassware out of landfills, helping a great charity, and adding more beauty to your life and the world!  What’s not to love?

We hope to see you next week, and look forward to sharing what we are up to as the weddings unfold!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!




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