Big Changes in 2017!!!

Hello all, I know it has been waaaaay too long!!!  I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet so many great couples, families, friends and professionals during this small business adventure of mine. However, the truth is these past several years while very successful and full of beauty, have been exhausting.  And not just for me, but my amazing staff as well.  After tons of deliberation about how to simplify things, I have decided we really need to revamp the way we are handling our Quasi-DIY, DIY, and Rental options.  We have enjoyed impeccable reviews in these categories and been published many times with these types of events, however we have also been taking on very large scale full service events at the same time.  Our clients in all categories have been very happy, but internally we are seeing a lot of room for improvement.

Rather than continue to go at a warp speed pace, and potentially have our brand suffer we have decided to make the brave decision to suspend all Quasi-DIY, DIY, and Rental only types of orders for our 2017 season.  For the next year we will be focusing exclusively on Full Service events and will have a minimum of $3,500.  For those of you who have already booked DIY and Quasi-DIY or Rental Only orders with us, rest assured we are still delighted to work with you, we just won’t be taking on any more orders in these categories for the upcoming 2017 season.

We are hoping that by doing so we will have more time to devote to our smaller group of clients, offering them even better service and quality. We will also have more time to devote to really streamlining the DIY types of offerings, to be sure we still have options for our clients with smaller budgets.

We do plan to begin taking appointments and deposits for DIY, Quasi-DIY, and Rental only orders again, beginning in December 2017.  Look for updates as the year begins to unfold!  In the meantime, photographer friends, look forward to me finally being able to do styled shoots with you; fellow small business friends, look forward to me finally having time to help you out with your businesses; clients turned friends, we are going to finally be able to catch up!!!  And of course to my dear family and friends, you will finally have more of me!!!

And with any luck, look for more blog posts of all of the beautiful events we were lucky enough to work on over the past few years!

Thank you all so much for your support and understanding as we venture into 2017!!!




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