Matthew and me

A Night in Bloom Event Floristry is the creation of Heather Forrest- Lundy, a work from home mother who was tired of the constraints of working at store front  flower shops.  Heather works from a home studio, which gives her the flexibility to go on location for consult appointments, grow her own selection of flowers without pesticides, and work until 4 a.m. without worrying about the drive home.

Heather is in LOVE with her work.  She has been known to jump up and down at the sight of certain flower varieties and has been told her hair smells like a flower shop.  Heather’s only mission in life  is to leave the world a more beautiful place than it was before she got there.  If she had to choose a favorite flower it would be Lily of the Valley or Amaryllis.

This blog has been created to give clients and readers a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes as we prepare for weddings and events here in the Hudson Valley and beyond.  Please be sure to check out the archives to see many of our past posts.